Terms And Conditions

All sales are final, and in person sales are final at the time of hand over. Remote sales have a three-day unconditional return window, after which the sale cannot be undone.
As a private seller, I am not usually in a position to deal with returns or exchanges. I would rather not sell to you if you are the kind of collector who wants to return things after six months to the seller. I am just not able to operate like that. There are plenty of people to buy watches from who will do this. Of course, I do not think their watches are as nice, or as competitively priced.
I have been known to buy my own watches back, but I am not a watch dealer and do not have an open door to do this. I buy at my own pace when my financial circumstances allow.
Prices are set in British Pounds Sterling and can be settled by Bank (wire) Transfers in US Dollars or UK Stirling or HK Dollars to my business SCB account in Hong Kong. I will accept Bitcoin at the prevailing rate at time of payment.
This May 2024 sale is of watches held in United Kingdom. These can be delivered face to face in UK, or sent registered post after payment within UK. I can deliver any of these via FedEx in the USA for an additional £120 (even though it costs more). European deliveries will incur such high charges that I recommend a day trip to London as it will be cheaper.
Ownership and Jurisdiction
All my watches are held by Benjamin Warwick Ltd, Hong Kong. This was because in 2012 HSBC informed me that I could not buy watches through my personal, private bank account, and so I was obliged to buy and own them all in my business account. Watches are delivered tax-free in HK, please contact me for other deliveries. (A few are bought, and are held in UK, so no import issues). USA delivery is simple and inexpensive, compared to Europe.
Most of the watches are recently serviced by Simon Freese in the United Kingdom. These are vintage watches, and some issues over a group this size is statistically likely.
I do not warrant these watches for timekeeping or functioning in any way, especially outside the UK. However, if you have any issues, please return it to Simon Freese in the UK and I will pay for any adjustment or correction up to six months after the sale. This does not imply a warranty or any liability if the watch should malfunction outside the UK. I am not doing this to avoid responsibility, and I do test the watches extensively and do everything I can to ensure it is working properly. (Which is more than auction houses do). What I am trying to avoid is being asked to pay 400 Euros (outside UK therefore too little to be worth shipping) to correct a watch several months after sale – you have to be a grown up and swallow that sort of thing with a vintage watch. Especially one from me, someone who is not adding a large operating profit margin.
Price on Application (POA)
Some of the watches are marked POA.
I will happily reveal the price to serious buyers, and in return I will expect a serious counteroffer to purchase. Why? Because These are rare items and the ball park values are well known to collectors, or are available on the internet with a little research, so you will know the rough area the price is in. All I can say, is you are not going to steal them from me, but on the other hand I am asking less than dealers or auction houses.
I do not wish to display prices to those that have no idea what these special pieces are, or find myself justifying the price to ignorant people. Sometimes people ask the price for these rare items because they are trying to value a watch they own. I am always happy to try to help you do that if you are straightforward with me, and can offer a valuation for Insurance, or market value, and fair immediate sale.
My Customer – You!
I want you to find a rare, good quality Speedmaster that fits your budget and your dreams.
Please buy only when you are ready and can afford it. Not only the watch, but any future services or corrections a vintage watch might need.
These are not investments, and I recommend you view this purchase as a pleasure, like a boat, or an airplane. (But not a horse).
Please bear in mind I am a private collector – that means that I am not ready to buy watches back most of the time – this is my hobby and makes very little money – I do it for fun and I sell, primarily, so I can go and find more one owner watches with interesting history.