About Me

I am a British private collector, based in Hong Kong, but traveling frequently to USA and UK.

I have been collecting Speedmasters for over fifteen years and now it is time to hone my collection into a focused and more usable group of watches that I can enjoy more. The watches I sell are all hunted out by me because I found them attractive. I am selling watches that I have more than one example of the reference, and I focus my new acquisitions on the very rare dials. Sometimes I buy a new watch to compare with the ones I hold, and then decide which one to keep.

My collection is large, and fluid. I sell to make room, physically and financially, so I can continue to hunt for more.

So here are some lovely examples of watches that are honestly described and clearly above the average quality normally available.

All watches are guaranteed mechanically for 12 months, but you must bear the cost of returning it to and from my UK watch maker – any repair costs will be borne by me.

Payments will be in USD or GBP direct to my Bank Account. I will then arrange delivery to you insured Fedex. Some countries will have additional hurdles but we can settle details at time of sale.

Please feel free to email any questions.