About Me

I am a British private collector, based in Hong Kong, but traveling frequently to USA and UK.

As of Spring 2021 my movements are restricted.

I have been collecting Speedmasters for over fifteen years and now it is time to hone my collection into a focused and more usable group of watches that I can enjoy more. The watches I sell are all hunted out by me because I found them attractive. I am selling watches that I have more than one example of the reference, and I focus my new acquisitions on the very rare dials. Sometimes I buy a new watch to compare with the ones I hold, and then decide which one to keep.

My collection is large, and fluid. I sell to make room, physically and financially, so I can continue to hunt for more.

So here are some lovely examples of watches that are honestly described and clearly above the average quality normally available. I am not a dealer and so that means two important things – I do not offer a dealer’s service, and I do not have to make a sale. This is my hobby and not my source of income.

What that means is that am not in a position to buy back a watch after a time of your ownership. I am not responsible for your financial decisions, or future consequences of buying a watch from me, nor can I bail you out because you no longer want to have the money in the watch.

These are all vintage watches, and as such are liable to failures at a greater rate than modern watches. I try to ensure all watches are in fine order before shipping, but I cannot predict what a 40+ year old watch will do.

All watches are guaranteed mechanically for 12 months, but you must bear the cost of returning it to and from my UK watch maker – any repair costs will be borne by me.

Watches shipped to continental Europe or Asia will be aditionally tested, and  I will limit my liability to Euros 200 to repair in your country. Otherwise please return it to Simon Freese at your expense for a free repair, and free return.

Payments will be in USD or GBP direct to my Bank Account. I will then arrange delivery to you insured Fedex. Some countries will have additional hurdles but we can settle details at time of sale.

Please feel free to email any questions.