Bitcoin Payments


We are all facing increasing difficulty in sending and receiving value, especially across international borders.

Banks have become so risk-averse, that sending even $5000 value can be met with invasive questions and sometimes even the prevention of payment. It is as though it is not your money to do with as you please. (Spoiler: It is not).

Bitcoin removes the counterparty and enables peer to peer transfer value in a very short amount of time without having to satisfy a bank employee.

How does it work

Well obviously you will need some bitcoin. I have used Revolut bank account to buy and hold relatively small amounts, or to buy bitcoin and then send it. Coinbase is the most used and trusted exchange, and you can send dollars or any other currency to Coinbase and then send the bitcoin from there.

If you already have some bitcoin, then hopefully you are comfortable making the transfer.

I ALWAYS make a small test transfer before the principal amount.

If you are completely unaware of bitcoin, then I urge caution. However, I am more than happy to help. I have been mining bitcoin since 2016 and familiar with the space.

The actual steps:

Once you have the bitcoin ready to transfer, we agree the amount based on the rate of exchange at the time of transfer.

I send you my bitcoin address

You input my address, and the bitcoin amount of 1% of the total and send.

Once I confirm receipt, you can go ahead and transfer the principle in exactly the same way

I give you the watch.