Omega Speedmaster 145.022-69 Single Owner

Wonderful original 1969 Speedmaster, all correct and fully serviced, from a single ownership.

This is exceptional quality. Note the flawless bezel, dial and hands.

The Dial is slightly brown, and is very high quality.

The case shows some minor wear and minor corrosion at lip (pictured). Bracelet is tight, showing little use.

Of note is the presence of a new looking delrin brake. As this was not fitted until around 32m I am supposing this was fitted during the Omega service that the previous owner had done, at Omega, where the original hands were replaced by Superluminova – as the original hands were returned I re fitted the original hands, which by some miracle were undamaged.

This is a wonderful, special, single owner watch. The seller was a chef in Los Angeles who’s late father gave him the watch – he had no money, at the start of his career and wanted to get an apartment – which is why he chose the money.

  • Omega Speedmaster
  • Serial 29638942
  • 145.022-69
  • Extract States Delivery to USA 17 June 1970
  • 1039 / 516
  • 12 Month Movement guarantee, return to Simon Freese
  •  £9,000


  1. The delrin brake is normally seen on later movements, but the rest of the movement is in excellent condition and apparently original. It had an Omega service and I am sure that is what happened.
  2. There is minor corrosion under lugs. This has been stabilized, and I do not regard it as anything other than minor
  3. Bracelet may be a link short for some people (7 1/4 inches) and require a link fitted
  4. There is a small ding on the outside of the top left lug.

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Acquired by me from the original owner’s son in USA

Known work:
Fully serviced by Omega before I bought it, luckily the hands were returned and refitted by Simon Freese. The watch is otherwise original.

Additional Photos: