105.012-65 (1966)
One Owner

A one owner Speedmaster acquired from the original owner’s daughter in USA. Serviced by Simon Freeese, who said it was not opened before him. When we serviced this watch, we did not replace or restore anything. I decided against doing any work on the hands as this is how the watch was found. We only cleaned it, and serviced the movement.

  • Omega Speedmaster
  • Serial 24006425
  • 105.012-65
  • Bracelet 1506 Endlinks No 16
  • Extract shows delivered to USA 6 October 66
  • $25,000
  • Box, Original Omega Guarantee, Extract
  • Sold CT july 2023
Review Notes added 14 May 2023
Dial is very clean, with no blemishes on the body paint.
Lume plots are original. There is slight run off (toward the centre of the dial) – this is an indication of original. Colour and coverage is excellent.
Bezel is original Dot over 90 in Excellent condition. This bezel is particularly good as all numbers are clear, thin font and not cut off.
The crystal is original to the watch, with the old style Omega logo at the centre. It has slight scuff marks that I did not polish out, preferring to keep it 100% original.
The case is unpolished, and has little wear. The profiles are unusually defined.
The original pushers are unusually clean – these usually gather dirt at the necks, and are very hard to clean. These are clean.
The hands show very slight decay. I expect that in a watch of this age unless the hands have been repainted.
The number on the lug is possibly a retailer stock number. I have seen that before in USA watches particularly.
The bracelet is solid and strong, but not tight. The springbars look original, and I am going to replace them with Omega Specification new ones.

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Acquired by me from the owner’s daughter in USA

Known work:

Serviced by Simon Freese