2998-2 With Tropical Dial and Grey BASE1000

Very unusual combination of tropical dial and Ghost BASE1000 Bezel.

Dial is tropical brown, with Round O in Omega, high printing and short indices on subdial

This watch is a very unusual example in that it is a very rare 2998-2 at an affordable price. The parts, while correct, are patinated. Specifically, the dial has decayed and turned brown. Some of the print on the dial has decayed and is missing in parts.  The dial itself is very rare, with short indices on the subdial, and “high print”, that is the Omega Speedmaster text is close to the applied metal logo.

The bezel is a correct BASE1000, that has faded to grey – but the print is clear and defined, (which is good!).

The hands are all correct, and vintage. The alpha hands have a transverse curve, and the minute hand has clear curved end slots. The hour hand also has them, less pronounced, but they do not have the sharp square ends of the service hands. The needle chronograph hand, and the alpha subdial hands are also correct.

The movement was serviced when I acquired it, and it was checked before sale. It may need servicing in a few years, and if it does I will cover the cost of any service at Simon Freese in UK within two years.

The price is probably less than the value of the sum of the parts.

  • Omega Speedmaster
  • Serial 17761171
  • 2998-2
  • Extract shows delivered to Australia 24 November 1964
  • BASE 1000 Ghost Bezel
  • Hand made leather strap
  • Price £16,500 / $21,500
  • Sold Topin summer 2022

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Bought by me from a private owner via an agent in 2013

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