2998-2 With BASE1000

I bought this watch from its original owner, a rocket scientist in Huntsville, Alabama. He bought it new in Greenland in 1962 while serving as a 19-year-old in the US radar base. He kept the watch all his life and sent it to Omega a short while ago, where they replaced the hands and bezel. Luckily, they returned the originals and these are seen now on the watch. (I have some photos and notes of our meeting that I can pass to the buyer).

Omega was unable to issue an extract as the records were incomplete for the period – this is not the same as a refusal, and my fee was refunded. In conversation, the staff told me the watch is good, but that the records are non-existent.

  • Omega Speedmaster
  • Serial 17302440
  • 2998-2
  • Extract asked for, but no records found (not the same as refused, or movement not matching – they simply have no records)
  • BASE 1000 Bezel in very good condition. (Which is unusual)
  • 7077 and very rare single slot No 6 End links
  • Price On Application

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Bought by me from an 81 year old Rocket Scientist in Huntswille Alabama. He told me he bought the watch new at the navel base in Greenland in 1961, where he was working on the Radar array.

Known work:

Omega service in Bienne during the last owners ownership

Additional Photos: