A blue at Watches of Knightsbridge sale on November 19th

This is offered in the Watches of Knightsbridge sale coming up on November 19th. This is the second or third seen from them.

They use the term Blue Soleil dial which is an accurate way to describe the metallic lustre, sunburst finish on the dial which is very rarely seen in Speedmasters.

We see them accross all references, but without a firm pattern. The only pattern I can see is that the dials are not reference specific. This watch is a 105.012-63, a very rare reference itself.

The dial is a non pro, short indices version, and I have seen all combinations of indices / pro markings without pattern.


Photographing these dials is a challenge, as you can see from the different images. Also the dials themselves do vary, some tending to grey and some more blue, though all would best be described as grayish – blue.

This particular watch is estimated at Sterling 20,000 to 30,000 plus 24% commission. This is in line with my expectations.

There has been speculation regarding the legitimacy of this watch.

Perhaps all Blue Metalic dial speedmasters are illegitimate. As we do not know the origin, its hard to make that call.

What I know (as an owner of one) is that it is the most interesting dial which gives me great pleasure in wear. It is also to me the rarest Speedmaster dial in my experience.

All that said, this watch still needs to be examined before buying, and we really need to know what is going on, so as not to be surprised later. We have an extract, so we know it is a correct movement in the right reference.

The pushers look like thin neck versions, so we know its been serviced – which we assume because of that blue dial. Bezel looks a bit grungy.

None of this might make any difference if a pair of Speedmaster buyers start fighting for it. The question is, will they?

The lot can be viewed here: