105.003-65 One Owner

An Original example of an Ed White from the Grandson of the original owner.

A very attractive, correct example

Very slight Chocolate dial

This watch shows signs of ownership, and has many service marks. The equipment is all correct and in my opinion original, except the crown which I replaced for a correct vintage 24 tooth. Note the pushers appear old and original to the watch.

  • Omega Speedmaster
  • Very Slight Chocolate Dial
  • Very Good DO90 bezel with minor blemishes
  • Serial 25006059
  • 105.003-65
  • Extract applied for
  • On hand made leather strap, with repro buckle
  • 12 Month guarantee, returning to Simon Freese in UK
  • Price £12,850


When examined closely, this dial has minor marks and blemishes. These are not obvious in normal handling. These photos are super critical, Most people do not notice these marks until they put a loupe on.

The luminous material has mostly gone from the plots, but there is a very slight covering and the colour is fitting and appropriate to the watch.

As a whole the watch does “ring true” as an original one owner watch that while used, has been cared for as demonstrated by the service marks in the case back.


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Bought by me from a private owner who was given it by his grandfather who bought it from Mexico.

Known work:

Full Service by Simon Freese September 2021

Hand Made Strap, Omega Repro buckle:

Additional Photos: