A very attractive older restoration of a 2998-5.

Very Good dial.  Fair bezel and good case. 

 H/M hands are vintage and correct, with transverse curve and curved ends on the lume slots. Lollipop is good.

Bezel is good, and the marks show less in life than on these photos. 

The sub dial hands are alphas, and received wisdom expects batons. As the watch arrived with them and they are more valuable and attractive I have left them as is.

This is a good example of where a watch has some issues but it is attractive, with an extract and mostly correct at a much lower price than most 2998’s.

  • Omega Speedmaster
  • Serial 17764626
  • 2998-5
  • Extract shows Delivered to USA 16 March 1961
  • Hand made leather strap and repro Omega buckle
  • Serviced Swiss Tec 2015, and just checked by Simon Freese. 
  • Movement Guaranteed for 12 Months
  • Price £13,550


The caseback number (-5) is later than what we might expect to see in this serial, and indeed this hand set up. As a result it has been suggested, and I agree, that the case back may have been swapped at some point, from a more appropriate -3 or -4.

I have also been asked my opinion on how much of the watch is original. My short answer is I cannot know. I expect parts have been changed, because the watch has had more than one previous owner, and evidence of a previous service. Again, we have to take these issues into account when assesing the value.

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Here is a head on shot, focused and lit to highlight the dial.:

Acquired by me from private owner in 2015

Known work:
Fully cleaned and serviced Swiss Tec in 2015 T38431. Checked by Simon Freese January 2020

Additional  Photos:

Additional  Photos: